I have known Lesley Lanir since 2002 when she participated on a professional development course of mine held in Oranim Academic College and later attended one of my courses on her MA programme at Haifa University. Later we became colleagues. She replaced me as the coordinator and teacher trainer in a teaching clinic situated in an Academic college for teachers training to become teachers and assessors of students’ with learning disabilities and differences and she was invited to lecture and run a course for several years on the professional development course where we first met.
Lesley is compassionate and has excellent interpersonal skills and an innate need to help others. In addition, Lesley has always done extremely well both in her academic studies and practice and I do know through her teaching, lecturing and one-to-one remedial work that she is hard-working, conscientious and aims for high professional standards.
(J. Kahn-Horwitz PhD)

― Janina Kahn-Horwitz