Did the Introduction to Learning Disabilities Course give you what you wanted?

Yes, I felt it has given me lots of tools and ideas of how to work and organize and prepare myself. Thank you!  Your way of organizing the materials really made my life easier in dealing with my lessons.
Osnat A

I did get many more ideas and tools to use in class. In addition, I learned a lot and received a lot of information on LD pupils and learning difficulties. Liat I

Yes and even more than I imagined. I learned principles. I learned how to think and how to ask questions. Thank you! Orit B

Yes definitely. Absolutely. I didn’t expect to learn so many details. Ronit D 

Students 2017-2018

We wanted to say thank you for showing us the way into our students’ minds and souls in your Introduction to Learning Disabilities course.

You managed to change our perception in both our personal and professional life.

Beatus qui prodest, quibus potest. (Blessed is he who helps everyone he can) Students from the 2018 Remedial Teaching Course

Students 2018

Thank you indeed for everything. The course was very beneficial and informative.  Lisa S

I would like to thank you for your lectures which are really interesting and made me eager to listen. Your handouts are useful and clear. Finally, I wish you all the best and will miss you a lot. Walaa B

Thank you for a very interesting course. I have learned a lot. You are very professional and a person to remember.  Merav I

Thank you for the good information that will make  me  a better teacher. Inbal

Students 2020

I have known Lesley Lanir since 2002 when she participated on a professional development course of mine held in Oranim Academic College and later attended one of my courses on her MA programme at Haifa University. Later we became colleagues. She replaced me as the coordinator and teacher trainer in a teaching clinic situated in an Academic college for teachers training to become teachers and assessors of students’ with learning disabilities and differences and she was invited to lecture and run a course for several years on the professional development course where we first met.
Lesley is compassionate and has excellent interpersonal skills and an innate need to help others. In addition, Lesley has always done extremely well both in her academic studies and practice and I do know through her teaching, lecturing and one-to-one remedial work that she is hard-working, conscientious and aims for high professional standards.
(J. Kahn-Horwitz PhD)

Janina Kahn-Horwitz

I have known Lesley Lanir for over twenty years, three of which were as colleagues teaching together at Oranim Academic College of Education. Our paths have crossed professionally, and I always find Lesley to be at the cutting-edge of her profession, as regards thorough training in advanced methods. Lesley is a highly qualified professional instructor in English language and in remedial teaching. She holds several professional degrees and certificates and has extensive experience in teaching, tutoring, educational consultation and in coaching. She is a consummate professional, with the highest standards and dedication in her work.
Judith S. Henn PhD

Judith S. Henn PhD

Lesley is one of the most enterprising, creative and hard-working people I have ever worked with. I witnessed how she cares profoundly about her students. She not only finds a way to connect to each and every one of them, but also follows up on everything her students do in order to ensure their success. Lesley is a consummate professional, she is not satisfied until she becomes an expert in whatever she does. Randi Harlev PhD

Randi Harlev PhD

It was a pleasure to be in your lectures. Plus, after reading the articles and the presentations, I felt that I was open to a new world full of new methods that could help me understand what is a learning disabled student and how to approach him/her. Juliana


My family’s “romance” with Lesley began a little over 20 years ago. In those days she taught first one and then another of my daughters to read and write in English. Those years were filled with caring and interest and of course, success. With both girls she was astute in her ability to detect learning problems or emotional problems. Despite the fact that the teaching came to a natural end, all of the family has remained attached to Lesley and each of us has benefited from continued warmth, caring, interest and wisdom. Lesley maintains an acute ability to share appropriate advice on a wide range of situations. Michal Oz, M.D.

Michal Oz, M.D.