Attention! Do Your Teaching Methods Pass The Long-Term Memory Check List?

Unfortunately, long-term semantic memory is known to have the weakest retrieval system. Therefore, ESL EFL teachers have to make sure many neurological paths and connections are made and developed so English language students can store subject matter securely and retrieve information easily.

Are Emotional Problems Causing Foreign Language Learning Difficulties?

 Affective factors: ANXIETY ESL or EFL Teachers or professionals in this field, did you know students encountering difficulties with learning a foreign language experience high levels of anxiety? This is especially true for those with a history of foreign language learning difficulties for instance, students whose learning experience has been negative and who have suffered … Continue reading Are Emotional Problems Causing Foreign Language Learning Difficulties?

Language Aptitude: Do you have it?

There is the idea that some students may possess an 'aptitude for learning languages'. The idea of the existence of a 'language learning aptitude' does not mean an individual can or cannot learn a foreign language. It is assumed that most people, who do not have specific language disabilities, can learn a language if they … Continue reading Language Aptitude: Do you have it?

Teachers: Struggling Students? What You Need To Know

If you have students in your classrooms who are under-performing in an unexpected way and their progress does not correspond to the amount of work and determination they are investing, it is possible they have an undiagnosed learning disability or specific learning disorder.