Find here supportive, informative and time-saving free resources for anyone in the profession of teaching and educating.

Find here supportive, informative and time-saving free resources for anyone in the profession of teaching and educating.

Free How-to-Guide 1

How-to-guide is aimed at teachers or teacher trainers or tutors / remedial teachers working in the field of English as a Second Language or Foreign Language (TESOL TEFL).

Unraveling Learning Disabilities and Disorders

For any professional in the TESL or TEFL world or any baffled and frustrated teachers.

QUICKLY AND EASILY recognise and help struggling students even if you’re rushed off your feet in the English classroom and swamped in private tutoring.
This 26-page how-to guide saves hours of search and research time.

From this first how-to-guide you will:

  • Discover what learning disorders / disabilities are and are not.
  • Find out about 7 important behavioural clues to help identify struggling students.
  • Use handy checklists to help identify whether a struggling student may have a learning disorder /disability.
  • Start adjusting your teaching methodology to meet the needs of your struggling students.
  • Get direct links to the official international definitions of learning disabilities for further reading.

Free How-to-Guide 2

Memory Matters Toolkit

For any professional in the TESL or TEFL who wants to improve and develop their teaching.

A useful, handy 26-page guide to help you check and adjust your teaching methods.
The first section is filled with exercises supporting planning, methodology and reflection. The second part has a collection of memory friendly reference checklists

From this Memory Matters Toolkit you will:

  • Find out how to check and improve your classroom management, lesson planning, teaching methodology.
  • Discover how to provide essential elements to stimulate and keep your students attentive.
  • Understand how to teach in a memory friendly way.
  • Adjust your teaching to help your students learn and remember in the most effective way possible.

Free Toolkit Booklet


Teachers: An Essential ‘I’ve No Time To Prepare’ Solution

Overloaded? Overwhelmed? This handy time-saver is filled with questions you can ask about a student’s background, their English learning, hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes and more. It will help you get through that first lesson or that emergency substitution session, and help you build a profile of your English learner/s.

From this handy time-saving booklet:

  • You can gather a lot of information easily.
  • You will have all the contact information you need in one place.
  • You can use it to practise speaking, listening, reading and writing depending on how you wish to present and use it.
  • You can gain a basic idea of a student’s level of language skills which can be checked further in follow-up lessons.
  • You can pinpoint quickly difficulties a student may feel they have in English.
  • You can gather ideas for topics and talking points for future lessons based on likes / dislikes / hobbies and interests.
  • You can personalise the learning experience and provide meaningful content.

If you have concerns about students, consult with educators and other professionals in your education establishment or school to determine what steps to take and how problems can be addressed.