Is English Preventing English Language Students From Progressing?

Language is layered and complex and for those who have specific language learning difficulties acquiring English as a second or foreign language is more challenging than we often realise. A previous post has dealt with some of the reasons why students may not be progressing as quickly as teachers may think they should. Still, before … Continue reading Is English Preventing English Language Students From Progressing?

Is Lack of Native Linguistic Proficiency Causing Second Language Struggles?

If ESL EFL students have not become fully competent in one of the language skills of their L1, it could very well be affecting the way and speed at which they will acquire their second or foreign language.

Teachers: Struggling Students? What You Need To Know

If you have students in your classrooms who are under-performing in an unexpected way and their progress does not correspond to the amount of work and determination they are investing, it is possible they have an undiagnosed learning disability or specific learning disorder.

Your Students Aren’t Learning! Understand Why

Today, in classrooms, hundreds of struggling EFL ESL students of all ages and levels sit frustrated and suffering and feeling like failures. Teachers often wonder why they can’t keep up and view them as ‘slow learners’ or think “they are not motivated and just not trying hard enough”. Most teachers of English aren’t trained to instruct students who do not fit into the ‘norm’.