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Great you’re here! I’m Lesley Lanir. I entered the profession of teaching, teacher-training and lecturing in the field of English as a foreign language for more than 25 years. I’ve been teaching teachers of English as second (ESL) or foreign language (EFL) to turnaround their thinking and teaching methods in order to reach and teach students with learning difficulties for nearly two decades.

Soon into my studying and teacher-training, I began investigating why some students were finding foreign language acquisition problematic. This became the population I decided to focus on. I furthered my education and attained a Master’s Degree in learning disabilities, cognitive diagnostic assessment, and remediation. Wanting to spread my experience and knowledge further, I began lecturing and teacher-training on the subject of foreign language acquisition and language learning difficulties and have written numerous articles for ETProfessional and other well known ESL publications.

Wanting to help professionals at a personal level too, I became a certified personal development coach specialising in cognitive behavioural coaching over 5 years ago. I am qualified in Performance Coaching, Stress Management, and Assertion and Communication Skills.

In both teaching and coaching, I easily establish trust and understanding and encourage students, teachers, and clients to shift their perspectives by exploring alternative ideas and discovering solutions to barriers that might be limiting their progress personally, academically, and professionally.

Having decades of useful and essential information stored in my head … and on my computer my goal now is to continue to share this knowledge but to a wider audience.
Therefore, on this site you will find informative posts and FREE resources which I hope you put to good use. Soon, there will be a selection of mini-courses and courses to choose from, some free – some for a reasonable fee.

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What People Say

It was a pleasure to be in your lectures. Plus, after reading the articles and the presentations, I felt that I was open to a new world full of new methods that could help me understand what is a learning disabled student and how to approach him/her.”


Lesley has years of experience teaching the learning disabled population. She has great interpersonal skills and is an attentive, curious listener, and empathetic and supportive. I have witnessed and experienced on the one hand, the ease with which Lesley communicates and, on the other, how she makes people feel at ease. I feel she establishes mutual trust in an open and honest way.

Dr. J. Kahn Horwitz                           

I have known Lesley Lanir for over twenty years. She is one of the brightest, most compassionate, generous and imaginative people I know.

Michael C. Blumenthal, Visiting Professor of Law, West Virginia University.

Let’s turn around your teaching together.

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